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future go

Side Events

50 words

Looking for more exposure? 50 Words gives startups at Future Go Summit the chance to broadcast their big idea across the event – all in just 50 words. 50 Words is exclusively open to startups exhibiting at our event. Apply for our first Future Go startup program and join us in Istanbul.

How does it work?

To apply for 50 Words, simply send us a video in which you outline your company's pitch in just 50 words. If chosen, your video will be shown on our screens across all stages and throughout the venue at Future Go Istanbul.


1. Startup selection

Startups must submit a self-recorded video of their 50-word elevator pitch. Our team will review each application and create a shortlist of successful candidates. Scripts must contain no more than 50 words – hence the name (focus on the idea, your video isn't just going out to the investors-it's for everyone at the summit).
Language: English

2. At the Event

All selected videos will be played on screens at stages and throughout the venue, maximizing your exposure and broadcasting your pitch to all attendees.

WEB 3 Era. Midnight talk

''Midnight Talks'' is a tribute to one of the most powerful tools not only in Web3, but in life in general — networking. How many wonderful projects, collaborations and ground-breaking solutions started with a simple cup of coffee?
Human creativity is endless and when encountered with a like-minded conversation partner, anything can happen.

What is it

A conversation about WEB3 and AI influence with a star speaker, discussion and Q&A session.


This interactive space will showcase games/AR/VR/Metaverse technologies from our esteemed sponsors/tech startups, offering attendees a chance to experience cutting-edge tech innovations.

Meet our partners

Art Of The Future

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the Future Go NFT Gallery and become part of the growing movement that is shaping the future of the art world.

This is your chance to get inspired, explore and even acquire extraordinary digital artworks.


if you are interested to participate in the activities and show your products/arts, please contact us